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North America's Only Exclusive
Emergency Power
Restoration Company
We only do Emergency work, we are always preparing for the next potential weather event
All Of Our Resources Are Our Own
We never subcontract our work out, we utilize all of our own Equipment, Labor, and Management
Experience That Matters
We have extensive experience with major Typhoon and Hurricane
damaged systems allowing us to better manage the coordination,
logistics, and hazards involved


Emergency Power Restoration

A Higher Standard In Emergency Power Restoration.

The Best At What We Do And How We Do It!

We only do emergency work - Covering North America and the Mariana Islands

PSE has been exclusive to power restoration since 2018 giving us an advantage of having a refined system solely dedicated to emergency work. In the beginning when we were getting started, we made it a point to build a structured management foundation that we could one day scale, something that would be noticeably different from what we had experienced before with other companies. The product is something that our clients and IBEW workers appreciate, providing a service to both that is exceptional. Our focus has been and always will be on safety and efficiency, advancing standards to the highest levels and expecting nothing less.


We want to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem, so we are constantly thinking of new ways to help. Between fair rates, FT procedure manuals, safety programs, logistic apps, IBEW jurisdiction mapping, and more, we pride ourselves as being the tip of the spear in emergency power restoration.

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Fast Response Across North America

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25 Crews in the Mariana Islands | 20 Crews in the Midwest | 45 Crews in New England

Available Resources

Storm Safety is PSE's first Priority

PSE has developed its own Storm Hazard Safety manual and booklet providing an unparalleled hazard awareness for storm work.

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Setting A Standard For Emergency Response

We are Emergency Responders

We offer specialized crews for Distribution and Sub-Transmission power Restoration along with inspection services associated with severely damaged power grids

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All of our staff are Ticket holding IBEW Union Members

Over 35 years Of Storm Restoration Experience

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Primary Source Electric


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Building The Future, Restoring The Past!

Emergency Power Restoration

Building The Future!

New Contracts

With our steady advancement across the Country, we are actively seeking direct Emergency Contracts with all Utilities, Cooperatives, and Municipalities. Feel free to contact us today. We plan for expansion to an additional 8 locations throughout the United States and we can cater to specific areas where the demand is high.