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About Primary Source Electric

Many Contractors assist in power restoration but those Contractors go back to “normal” operations once the Emergency is over. We do this full time; this is our specialty and we dedicate all of our efforts into preparations and procedures for Emergency events.

Experience Is What Sets Us Part

Why Primary Source Electric

Primary Source Electric is an emergency response company dedicated to helping Utilities restore power after weather events cause outages across the country. We have spent hundreds of days on emergency calls, thousands of hours refining our systems, and we have been relentless with calibrating our model so that it can work efficiently and effectively.

In 2018, we assisted the CNMI and CUC in the Mariana Islands after Typhoon Yutu devastated Saipan and Tinian. From October 2018 through June 2019 PSE worked 7 days a week, 14-hour days to fully restore the power back, replacing over 1000 concrete poles in the process. This was the start of a major shift in our company, from your average utility contractor to an emergency power restoration company exclusive to storms restoration.

Over the last 4 years PSE has created procedures and protocols oriented specifically for Storm work. From our safety to our management, we have redefined what outage response should be. We will continue to push advancements in the industry, with our JMS system on the verge of completion and our storm hazards safety program nearly finished. We believe that this industry deserves the best from everyone involved and standardized systems should be in place. Rates should be fair and not extremely
inflated taking advantage of the urgency. We stand to fight against the erosion of Union lines and those who are just opportunists looking to get rich.

At the end of the day, we all have an electric bill and knowing how and where our money is spent matters, so consider us an advocate for the betterment of restoring your power.

Building The Future, Restoring The Pas!

Experience That Matters

Days on Storm from 2019 to 2022
hours worked restoring power
Customers Restored by PSE
Service to 17 States and 2 US Territories

Our Expert Team

Headshot of Willie Shutter in a suit in front of a blue screen

Willie Shutter


I was born into a strong Union Lineman family in Auburn NY. My father had me climbing wood poles at the age of 5 at Local Union 1249’s training yard in Syracuse NY.  At age 12, I began working on a farm bailing hay and then years later started working in the construction trades as a Laborer/apprentice carpenter.  I went on to work in various trades working in Cell tower erection, Masonry, Machine operation, and the Carpenters apprenticeship. After some time, I moved on to another chapter in my life with the Lineman’s Apprenticeship through NEAT. I completed the Apprenticeship in 2009 and worked several years in the trade as a Journeyman Lineman. I gravitated towards high line, live line, and helicopter projects as they were the most challenging and rewarding. I left the line trade in 2012, starting my own company and had amazing growth and success. In 2016 I went back into Line work with greater drive and motivation, focusing all my skillsets and experiences in one trade. My goal was to find a company that I could call home and grow into something greater. In 2018, I took a job as a Lineman for Primary Source Electric working in the Mariana Islands after Typhoon YUTU.  Having successfully completed the work on the islands, PSE went through internal reorganization. It was in this rebuilding state for PSE where I became the Director of Operations. TN Office: 2705 McCampbell Ave. Nashville TN 37214 NY Office: 500 N Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032 615-626-9113 willie@primaryselectric.com LinkedIn
headshot of Evan

Evan Chaput


I am a second-generation lineman. I was born and raised in North Dakota. I enlisted in the US Air Force after high school. I moved to New York in 2002. I worked as a carpenter for three years, as a residential framer.

In 2005 I was accepted into the N.E.A.T. lineman apprenticeship program through IBEW L.U. 1249. In my 15-year career as a lineman I have been able to work across the country as well as on the Northern Mariana Islands.

I have been fortunate to be able to work with many great people. I have worked on wide variety of projects doing underground, transmission, distribution, and substation work.

500 N Peterboro Street. Canastota, NY

headshot of joe

Joseph Laxton


Shortly after high school, I entered the industry with Niagara Mohawk/National Grid Power Corp. There, I went through my IBEW lineman apprenticeship where I earned my Hotstick Journeyman Lineman certification.

I spent over 17 years working as a Lead Hotstick Lineman. During my 20+ years in the electrical industry, I have worked across the United States and internationally, where I have designed, built, and repaired overhead and underground power lines.

In my off-time, I enjoy drag racing and playing sports with my kids.

500 N Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032

headshot of henry

Henry Nunez

IT Systems Analyst

headshot of nels

Nels Merrill 

Office Manager/Controller

headshot of Bob

Bob Meade

Tooling and Equipment Specialist (NY Yard)

headsot of a woman

Jamie Laxton

Emergency Coordinator

headshot of annette

Annette Cittadino

Emergency Coordinator

headshot of Spencer

Spencer Edmunds

Chief Mechanic

headshot of Scott

Scott Breezee