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About Primary Source Electric

Many Contractors assist in power restoration but those Contractors go back to “normal” operations once the Emergency is over. We do this full time; this is our specialty and we dedicate all of our efforts into preparations and procedures for Emergency events.

Experience Is What Sets Us Part

Why Primary Source Electric

Weather affects all of us no matter where we live. When the power goes out, the Utilities coordinate teams of Contractors to assist in the restoration efforts. Not all Contractors are created equal often putting Utilities in vulnerable situations with their own customers. Its of the utmost importance in these Emergency situations for competent, trustworthy, and experienced assets to assist in the restoration process. At Primary Source Electric we have an extremely competent management team with years of experience in Power Restoration. Our employees are all IBEW members and we hold them to the highest standards possible. We never tolerate any less than the best from each one of our workers and we have a zero tolerance for anyone breaking any of our policies. We treat our employees as if they were our customers, like family we go above and beyond which in turn gives us loyalty from them unlike many other employers have. In short, PSE is exclusive to Responding to Power outages and has the highest level of experienced Management and Tradesman in the business. We are specialist in Power Restoration and the only one of our kind. We are committed to making the experience assisting you the most positive and successful one possible, this we stand behind.


Building The Future, Restoring The Pas!

Experience That Matters

2018 to 2019: consecutive days on Emergency Restoration in the Northern Mariana Islands
(Typhoon YUTU) Customers restored
Manhours worked
2020: Days on Emergency restoration in 15 States *(1st year back in states operating 8 months total)

Our Expert Team


Willie Shutter

President/Director Of Operations

I was born into a strong Union Lineman family in Auburn NY. My father had me climbing wood poles at the age of 5 at Local Union 1249’s training yard in Syracuse NY.  At age 12, I began working on a farm bailing hay and then years later started working in the construction trades as a Laborer/apprentice carpenter.  I went on to work in various trades working in Cell tower erection, Masonry, Machine operation, and the Carpenters apprenticeship. After some time, I moved on to another chapter in my life with the Lineman’s Apprenticeship through NEAT.

I completed the Apprenticeship in 2009 and worked several years in the trade as a Journeyman Lineman. I gravitated towards high line, live line, and helicopter projects as they were the most challenging and rewarding. I left the line trade in 2012, starting my own company and had amazing growth and success. In 2016 I went back into Line work with greater drive and motivation, focusing all my skillsets and experiences in one trade. My goal was to find a company that I could call home and grow into something greater. In 2018, I took a job as a Lineman for Primary Source Electric working in the Mariana Islands after Typhoon YUTU.  Having successfully completed the work on the islands, PSE went through internal reorganization. It was in this rebuilding state for PSE where I became the President/Director of Operations.

TN Office: 2705 McCampbell Ave. Nashville TN 37214
NY Office: 500 N Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032


Rachel Small

Assistant To The Director Of Operations

I am an Assistant to the Director of Operations at Primary Source Electric, where I organize critical information and directly communicate with the working crews for storm. Before starting at PSE, I co-owned and operated a candy company with my family. I  specialize in customer service with over a decade of experience and adapting to new environments and systems. When not in the field or in the office, I enjoy roller skating and spending quality time with my cat.

2705 McCampbell Ave. Nashville, TN 37214


Chris Kitchens


Christopher has 24 years in the industry. He has traveled coast to coast across the US and internationally in countries like the Mariana Islands, being involved in different types of power line work.

His experience includes distribution, transmission, underground and helicopter line work.

500 N Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032


Joseph Laxton

General Foreman/Superintendent

Shortly after high school, I entered the industry with Niagara Mohawk/National Grid Power Corp. There, I went through my IBEW lineman apprenticeship where I earned my Hotstick Journeyman Lineman certification.

I spent over 17 years working as a Lead Hotstick Lineman. During my 20+ years in the electrical industry, I have worked across the United States and internationally, where I have designed, built, and repaired overhead and underground power lines.

In my off-time, I enjoy drag racing and playing sports with my kids.

500 N Peterboro St. Canastota, NY 13032


Evan Chaput

General Foreman

I am a second-generation lineman. I was born and raised in North Dakota. I enlisted in the US Air Force after high school. I moved to New York in 2002. I worked as a carpenter for three years, as a residential framer.

In 2005 I was accepted into the N.E.A.T. lineman apprenticeship program through IBEW L.U. 1249. In my 15-year career as a lineman I have been able to work across the country as well as on the Northern Mariana Islands.

I have been fortunate to be able to work with many great people. I have worked on wide variety of projects doing underground, transmission, distribution, and substation work.

500 N Peterboro Street. Canastota, NY


Melissa McClure

Director Of Business Administration

I was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Colorado in 2006.

I started working in the powerline industry in July 2006 for a company just starting out in a 1 person office and helped the company grow as the office manager and company controller to multiple offices for 11 years.

In 2017 I took a position at Primary Source Electric as the controller and am enjoying being a part of helping it to grow and taking Primary Source Electric to the next level.

4158 Jason St. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80927