Welcome to the contractor signup page, this Alliance has been a long time in the making, and we are finally here. Let us preface by saying that our intention with this alliance is not to become something we are not, but to better orient our fellow contractors who assist with power restoration work. Here at Primary Source Electric, we have gone to great lengths to create a system specifically designed for everything storm, now we are taking the final steps to activate this system. Once we reach a certain level of contractor data and contractor allegiance, we will begin the advancement toward massive changes in the industry. We understand what the utilities need, and we are tailoring this program with and for them exclusively. The benefits of this Alliance will be extensive for all parties involved, with standardized safety and centralized management ensuring the service is the same from every contractor involved, to standardized billing rates and reduce mobilization costs for the customers. We will not shortchange any of the contractors affiliated with this alliance, all the contractors will be paid the same and will receive initial payment within 2 days of the invoice being submitted.

The times are changing and this industries tolerance for mismanaged operations and rate gouging is quickly fading. Be a part of the change with us and help us make a difference.