Storm Back Office

Experience the speed of our invoicing process, where we generate accurate invoices within a matter of hours upon receiving all the required documents. Our user-friendly portal and advanced timesheet/receipt scanning system streamline the process. Expect comprehensive invoice packages, including detailed spreadsheets, neatly organized folders with receipts, and signed timesheets.

Factoring Referral

Within just 36 business hours of invoicing, our fellow contractors can access 80% of the invoice amount deposited directly into their accounts. This invaluable service empowers you to cover upfront expenses, including payroll, union dues, and miscellaneous costs. While some approvals may be necessary, our streamlined process ensures expedited access to the funds you need.

Jurisdictional Compliance

In the dynamic emergency power line restoration industry, working across multiple states can present challenges like income reporting to various state agencies, addressing general liability insurance matters, and accurately reporting union dues to different local IBEW unions. Our team expertly tracks and manages these jurisdictional intricacies, providing peace of mind by safeguarding you from potential penalties.

Remote Islands Emergency Power Line Restoration

Primary Source Electric brings extensive experience in providing emergency power line restoration assistance in Saipan and Tinian, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Additionally, we maintain a local office and possess the necessary business licenses. If you are an emergency powerline restoration sub-contractor, let's connect and discuss how we can collaborate. Should the need arise in the future, we stand ready to provide assistance together.

Remote Islands Emergency Logistics

During the Typhoon Yutu restoration effort in 2018, Primary Source Electric responded to the emergency situation by air freighting our equipment to Saipan. FEMA facilitated several cargo planes to support our efforts. Leveraging our expertise and collaborating with air freight cargo masters, we successfully ensured the swift and efficient delivery of vital heavy equipment and tools for emergency restoration. If your electrical utility requires immediate emergency logistical services for remote islands, please call us 24/7.

Start-up Assistance

If you are an experienced professional in the power line industry and ready to embark on the rewarding journey of emergency power line restoration, we are here to support you. Our comprehensive guidance can help you effectively launch your business. We can connect you with general contractors, equipment leasing companies, factoring companies, insurance providers, and more. Additionally, our StormBackOffice service can assist you with back office support, ensuring smooth operations.